Bark Cone


Bark Cone - SOLD OUT

 A cone shaped willow bark container woven using willow bark and for the top border students will have a choice of different natural materials such as iris leaves, willow strips, waxed linen 


Intermediate skill level - 4hours 8”-10” long

Maximum class size of 10

Lene Rasmussen

Through Lakeshore Willows which I established in 2007, I work to contribute to a developing interest in willow and its many uses, participating in reintroducing a time-honoured craft. I have enjoyed learning from some of the finest willow basket makers from Denmark, Ireland and the US and am continually seeking opportunities for learning new skills. I was born in Denmark and lived there most of my life. Now I am fortunate to be able to draw on that background as I can call a few very talented Danish willow artists my mentors. I enjoy growing my own willows without the use of chemicals and make baskets to sell. In addition to that I also teach workshops in willow basketry and living willow structures. My work is sold at select markets, from my workshop and made to order from the internet. 

What you need to bring

Tools: Sharp scissors, small awl, regular basketry tools

Day and time of workshop

Sunday 8:30AM-1PM


 $65 CAD

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Dragonfly Basket

This brown, black and natural reed basket has a D handle and a rim of braided seagrass.


Beginner 6hours 14”x6.5”x7”

Maximum class size of 12

Louise Warner-McDougall

I am a multi-medium fibre artist. My background is Craft and Design but over the years it has evolved. Many of my baskets are traditional, I add a twist with the colours I dye and the changing of techniques. I am inspired by my surroundings, love to explore the shores of Lake Erie and beachcomb. I've been weaving for over 30 years and have taught in both Canada and the U.S.  There is always something new to learn. Thinking outside of the box opens the door to creativity. 

What you need to bring

Tools: weighted ruler and regular basketry tools. 

Day and Time

Sunday 8:30AM-3PM 


$75 CAD

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Gourd Painting


Gourd Painting

 Paint on dried gourd for a Christmas decoration.   

Colour options: there will be a variety of paint colours available 


All skill levels - 4hours 

Maximum class size of 15

Dale Adamson

I started my basket weaving hobby in 1999 by taking a course at the local settler’s village in Bobcaygeon which launched me into many more exciting weaving experiences.  Since then, I have made baskets out of various natural fibers.  Being such an ancient craft, it is amazing how it has been forgotten since the invention of the plastic bag.  I began growing gourds which launched me into a new ancient art which is gourding.  Today I blend the two arts together, basket weaving and gourd art.

What you need to bring

Tools:1/2” paintbrush, fine paintbrush for detail 

Day and time

Sunday 8:30 AM-1PM  


 $35 CAD

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